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Ma Nature, Perspective & Thanks!

What a glorious morning we have to wake up to today…the rain seemed to give things a good rinse off and the morning sunshine glistened with fresh perspective. A perfect time for a walk! I took a new route today, same general area though different direction; allowing my thoughts to wander…

Are we really working with Ma Nature or are we trying to outsmart her?  We have heard it said, “Nobody Fools Mother Nature!”

I had the privilege of listening to Jack Varian earlier in the week give his take on where he’s been, where he is, and through his self-proclaimed “reinvention of himself” where he is going. That’s it! That’s what I have been doing! Wait, not just me, but so many of the good folks I have surrounded myself with. Though, are we really reinventing ourselves, or are we opening ourselves up and allowing life to circle us back to the way things used to be; Simple, Clean, and Honest? Jack, thank you for sharing that an open mind, out of the box thinking and the willingness to fail does indeed take us to the next step for creating a viable & sustainable well-being.

Last night I was fortunate to share my table with a group of really special folks; Folks who bring good clean honest food to our tables. Thank you so very much for all you do so that we may eat, drink and enjoy your bounty.

Thought for the Day: Be willing to look at things, the same things, yet see them in a different light with fresh perspective, and gosh darn it, believe!

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