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FILM on the FARM: KISS the Ground

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FILM on the FARM:  KISS the Ground

Local Farm Offers Wide Open Spaces and SLO County debut of Regenerative Farming Film Now more than ever, people want to learn more about where their food comes from, how its grown, who their farmer is, how local products are made and how they affect our environment, our future.  FARMstead ED collaborates and cross-pollinates with farms, ranches & purveyors throughout SLO County, bringing farms and guests together to learn hands-on, how food gets to their table and how products are made for their daily living & enjoyment.  Their promotion of agricultural education continues with the presentation of Kiss the Ground,...

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Trail Times: All About Tomatoes, this season's happenings, recipes and more!

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Trail Times:  All About Tomatoes, this season's happenings, recipes and more!

So many of us celebrate the arrival of the Autumn Equinox as not only a sign of the changing of seasons, but the anticipation of the annual Windrose Farm Tomato Festival. As we continue to learn new steps, dance to new life tunes, we seek out new and authentic ways to celebrate the fruits of our farmers labor. For it is because of their tireless efforts and passion for growing our food that we have the almighty tomato to celebrate! Be good to yourself, and be good to others.  Shop local and support your local farmers! Read all about tomatoes...

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Participate in Interactive Agricultural Events at FARMstead ED:  Vineyards, olive orchards, farms and ranches abound in Paso Robles, making it an ideal destination to experience agriculture firsthand. FARMstead ED – an agriculture education tour company – is committed to promoting San Luis Obispo County FARMsteading skills and practices through local events. In partnership with local producers like Windrose Farm, FARMstead ED offers a variety of classes, including “Grow Your Own…” interactive events where you learn how to grow everything from salad gardens to cocktail gardens.  read more... ~blog by Travel Paso posted in Marriott Reward insiders

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Summer IS Here!

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It’s time… Time to be sure your garden is ready to withstand all that summer brings on; weather change, insects, unwelcome grazers, lack of water, just to name a few. For those of you with container gardens, Windrose Farm “salad bowls” and the like, it’s time for your potted produce to be moved so they do not cook in the mid-day sun. Don’t let Ma Nature cook your greens before they get to the kitchen! Provide them with afternoon shade, and on those really hot days, give them a light mist around 10am, and or later at 3pm. Give them...

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Paso Robles Press: Farmers & Ranchers...Our Partners for Life!

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