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Happy National Ag Day!

Have you hugged a Farmer today?

This past week, more than ever, my appreciation has grown for what it takes to bring food to our tables.

As many of you know, I made my first visit to the Seed Bank in Petaluma back in January and fell in LOVE with their store and all it represents.

  Last month I planted my li'l seeds, making their new home in their special flat perfectly situated under my laundry room window so they would be tucked in safe from the cold and wind with plenty of warm sun. I watched every day for their little heads to pop into the world…then ta-da, just like the package said, they appeared!  OK, I am realizing this is going to be a long story and geeze, you know all this!

  Long story short, after this “experiment” I put this experience on par with nurturing parents paying close attention to their children in their early years of development (or in my case animals!)  If you don’t look after them EVERY day with the same nurturing love and affection as the day you planted them, their growth is stunted, or sadly, they die.

My appreciation for what it takes to get food to our table has been launched to new heights.  Farmers, THANK YOU so very much for what you do to provide us the opportunity to eat really good food!

  I am more excited than ever about the How to Grow Your Own Salad Bowl class at Windrose Farm on June 7th and how it will help teach us not only to grow our own and be self-sufficient, but to appreciate ALL it takes to make that happen!  I am so blessed to have met so many of our local farmers and am honored to work with you to promote your farm to our tables!

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