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• Are you a specialized farmer,
   maker, moo-ver & shaker?

• Do you wear many hats,
   that keep you busy 24 / 7 / 365?

• Have you heard about the
   SLO CoUNTY Farm Trail?

Meet FARMstead ED

We promote your hard working efforts to their fullest potential to those seeking agriCULTURAL experiences within this special collection of quality producers in SLO County.

WHAT we do

We promote SLO County farms, growers, and purveyors while providing agriCULTURAL experiences to educate and bring guests together with our locally grown

WHY we do it

To share our many unique, locally grown and made resources, and because people really do want to meet their farmers, makers, moo-vers and shakers!

HOW we do it

By spotlighting local farms & makers on the ONLY Farm Trail Map in SLO Co, as well as via your workshops, marketplaces, and pop-up classrooms held at agriCULTURAL venues.

What's NEXT?

NEW printed trail map!
Outreach to our hospitality 
   industry for increased visibility 
   to farm tours by visiting guests
Open Farm Days June 21-23, 2024

“Joining FARMstead ED literally put us on the map.
Previously we struggled with getting the word out about our farm and what we do. Since joining, our workshops and farm tours consistently sell out. We have also met quality collaborators in which we use their products as ingredients for our own products.”

- Tina Ballantyne, Giving Tree Family Farm.

Your presence on the SLO Co Farm Trail will:

Increase Sales & Exposure to your farm tours & workshops
Broaden Your Network
Receive the benefits of group marketing
Become part of this community of collaborating farmers & makers
Be promoted every day of the year in both our on-line and print Trail Map
Opportunities via our promotional efforts, events, and agritourism related initiatives

FARMstead ED invites you to join our amazing herd!
Annual Dues: $350
*returning members enjoy a discounted renewal rate of $295 & 5% off of ads purchased if joined by 1/15/24

In addition to your membership fee, your annual contribution of $200 retail product will be included in multiple collaborative marketing promotions featuring your local products.

Maximize your marketing dollars!
Did you know that one newspaper ad costs the same as all of the benefits of one full year of FARMstead ED membership?

To be eligible, you must be engaged in local farming, ranching, or producing agricultural products derived from local ingredients.
We also welcome restaurants, food trucks, & lodgings that
celebrate SLO County agriculture