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FARMstead ED + SLO County Farm Trail

FARMstead ED benefits our local farms and producers as an agricultural network of likeminded people. Farmers, makers and end consumers alike are introduced to who’s growing and making what, and where they can be found on the SLO Co Farm Trail. In many cases, our locally grown becomes our locally made. From food sourcing for restaurants to ingredients for body care, our local farms and ranches produce top quality products that can be purchased direct from the farm, via farmers markets and local retail shops.
San Luis Obispo County local, Lynette Sonne, founded FARMstead ED in 2014 to serve as a conduit between visitors and farmers; something that would educate folks on the importance of sustainable practices, local land, and craft. Sonne organizes opportunities for both tourists and townies to learn about everything from meat to mixology.
"The “a-ha moment” for FARMstead ED came to Sonne while she was horseback riding on a friend’s ranch. She realized that while being really excited about all of her friends’ products — telling people about them and buying them for gifts, she was already an unofficial steward for all these products, so why not bring it to a bigger audience?

Getting folks out to those various farms and ranches in San Luis Obispo County covers the “FARMstead” part of the equation, but Sonne is taking the experience a step further with the “ED” part of it. Though events will vary a bit in format, her multi-faceted approach always features an educational aspect. Most events typically include a site tour, a farmstead demonstration, a hands-on workshop and a pop-up mercantile that’s often stocked with the materials necessary for you to do-it-yourself at home." ~ Katy Budge, Casa Festiva 
Sonne’s agricultural roots started growing again in 2019 into the SLO County Farm Trail. The SLO Co Farm Trail connects agri-enthusiasts with ranches, farms, and purveyors of San Luis Obispo County using a printed and on-line trail map. With the popularity of agritourism on the rise, and now, people’s desire to get outside and kick up some dust, it is no surprise that folks are already welcoming the addition of the new spin on these old favorite workshops. 

Steve Baker, a devout FARMstead goer, expressed his excitement for the Trail based on farm steading crafts he’s already learned. “From the classes, I have learned how to make soap, cheese, sausages, bacon, shrubs and bitters, infusions, cook with olive oil, grow our own salad and cocktail gardens, canning, composting, rejuvenating furniture and much more!” Baker said.
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