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FARMstead ED + SLO County Farm Trail

Bringing folks together through locally grown via 
agri-CULTURAL  experiences & gatherings.

In 2014, Lynette Sonne launched FARMstead ED as a way to promote locally grown & locally made products through pop-up workshops; getting people out to the farms, ranches & production facilities where our food is being grown & made.
"The “a-ha moment” for FARMstead ED came to Sonne while she was horseback riding on a friend’s ranch. She realized that while being really excited about all of her friends’ products — telling people about them and buying them for gifts, she was already an unofficial steward for all these products, so why not bring it to a bigger audience? 

Getting folks out to those various farms and ranches in San Luis Obispo County covers the “FARMstead” part of the equation, but Sonne is taking the experience a step further with the “ED” part of it. Though events will vary a bit in format, her multi-faceted approach always features an educational aspect. Most events typically include a site tour, a farmstead demonstration, a hands-on workshop and a pop-up mercantile that’s often stocked with the materials necessary for you to do-it-yourself at home." 
 ~ Katy Budge, Casa Festiva
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Email:  |   Farm Phone: (805) 226-2081
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