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California AgTour Connections

agritourism farm tours Paso Robles pop-up paso

  Folks gather at the Statewide Agritourism Conference in Woodland to share ideas, goals & objectives for new agritourism programs.  FARMstead ED was there soaking it all in, as well as sharing how we do, what we do with our local farmers, ranchers & purveyors.  For more information on more Agritourism operations throughout California, as well as more about FARMstead ED, click here.  

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Bring on the Rain!

Ag Ed Agriculture Alcea Rosea Farm black diamond vermiculture brigit binns Education goats milk cheese Grass-fed Heaven Squared Brownies Paso Robles RE:FIND templeton hills beef The Groves on 41 theraBee honey Travel Paso windrose farm

Cheers to our local farmers, ranchers & producers for all they do to bring us quality eats, and to all of you who celebrate them!!

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A Quick Bite with FARMstead ED talking about the upcoming Great Western Bike Rally, Raising Healthy Chickens & Pasture to Plate classes

Ag Ed Agriculture agritourism alcea rosea farm barbara spencer bill spencer brigit binns Education garlic goats goats milk cheese Grass-fed great wester bike rally great western bike rally J&R natural meats nature's touch paso robles templeton hills beef windrose farm

Listen in as David & Lynette talk about upcoming events & classes...      

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FARMstead ED Partners with Great Western Bike Rally

Ag Ed alcea rosea farm biking garlic goats goats milk cheese great western bike rally Organic farming Paso Robles Travel Paso windrose farm

A 4-day weekend of all things cycling includes rides to 2 local farms and Artisan Food & Craft Expo May 22-25   FARMstead ED will be bringing locally grown and locally made producers to the Artisan Marketplace at the Great Western Bike Rally’s HUB this Memorial Day Weekend.  For those attending the 4-day weekend billed as the ride for wine lovers and beer tasters, families and foodies, those that hammer and those that cruise, FARMstead ED will showcase some of SLO County’s premier commodities, as well as a few best our best kept secrets via an Artisan Marketplace.  Attendees will find...

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Composting, Naturally

barbara spencer bill spencer black diamond vermiculture composting cristy christie Organic farming Paso Robles windrose farm

Thank you James Radford for producing this wonderful video highlighting what we learned about composting at Windrose Farm!

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