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Our Passion for Agriculture

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We all share a facet of passion for Agriculture. Whether you are a high tech engineer, yoga instructor, construction tradesman or public servant, you have a passion for Agriculture that aligns with those who grow your food and produce your everyday necessities. Whether you grow it, make it, cook it, use it, or eat it, WE ALL NEED Agriculture! You may have heard it before, "if you eat food and wear clothes, then you are in agriculture". As I walked through the Lavender Festival and Templeton Farmers Market I could feel the energy as though I were entering into something...

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Summer IS Here!

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It’s time… Time to be sure your garden is ready to withstand all that summer brings on; weather change, insects, unwelcome grazers, lack of water, just to name a few. For those of you with container gardens, Windrose Farm “salad bowls” and the like, it’s time for your potted produce to be moved so they do not cook in the mid-day sun. Don’t let Ma Nature cook your greens before they get to the kitchen! Provide them with afternoon shade, and on those really hot days, give them a light mist around 10am, and or later at 3pm. Give them...

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Paso Robles Press: Farmers & Ranchers...Our Partners for Life!

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Paso Robles Press 6-16-14

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Our Guests Love Learning at Windrose Farm!

"We had a fabulous time today thanks to YOU!  Really, what a wonderful event and a great kick off  for FARMstead ED.  You could not have picked a more perfect venue and mentors (Bill & Barbara Spencer) for the day. 

It is so rewarding to come away from an event with new practical knowledge from Barbara's showing us how to start growing good food immediately.  Loved Bill's explaining the history of our food systems, enlightening us to the total ecological process starting with oak trees and taking us forward to what it takes to make a healthy food system.

We loved it and I swear that that was way better than going to church, it fed my soul.

Great job to all who made this day a success! " 

~ Coco and Sue


Coco Collelmo

Fair Oaks Ranch

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