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We're on the Consumed Podcast with Jaime Lewis!

We were so excited to be on the Consumed Podcast with Jamie Lewis - take a listen!

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Trail Times: What's Happening Along the Trail in September

For farmers, every day is Labor Day. From dawn till dusk, they sow the seeds of dedication, nurture the fields, and cultivate the harvest with their unwavering commitment.While the world takes a moment to honor labor on this day, the fields are being tended to by the same people that put on their boots every other morning. They're the same people under the big open sky, stepping out of comfort and into hard work to feed the nation. So yes, today we say "Happy Labor Day", because we are so grateful for every relentless spirit - though we hope you...

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Trail Times: What's Happening Along the Trail This Season

2023 Apple Season is Upon Us!So many varieties of apples to enjoy across the trail - make sure to check our our apple producers as theykick off the start of the season:Avila Valley Barn  |  Gopher Glen Apple FarmSLO Creek Farms From Gopher Glen Apple Farm: "Gravenstein Apples are in! Our first apple has made its' entrance and is now available at the farm stand. Better a little late than never! As far as we can tell, things are shaping up nicely out in the field with lots of fruit on the trees and color developing on the skin. Graventsteins are an awesome...

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ONE OF OUR PARTNERS WAS FEATURED at JANE & MARY, and even more were mentioned!

ONE OF OUR PARTNERS WAS FEATURED at JANE & MARY, and even more were mentioned!  They lead by example, celebrating our herd of collaborators on the SLO Co Farm Trail. These precious peeps are passionate about local, cross-pollinating and supporting our farms! Life Elements Offers A Wide Range of Natural Skincare and CBD Products.  Founder Martha Van Inwegen was working in tech when she had a sudden revelation — she hated her job. Not one to rest on her laurels, Martha did what many people fantasize about, she quit her job the next day...READ MORE

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Paso Robles Daily News: Lavender harvest season ends, new product releases begin at Hambly Farms

As we say goodbye to the 2023 lavender U-Pick season at Hambly Farms, closing Aug. 7, we say hello to their estate grown 2023 Essential Oil, Lavender Water, and celebrate their brand-new product, Calming Lavender Oil. While at the beginning of this year’s season, it was anticipated the U-Pick Experience may linger on into late summer, though Ma Nature made other plans. Lavender went from bud to break in record time brought on by the high temperatures we’ve been experiencing here on the Central Coast. So lavender U-Pickers, this is your last call! Only two weeks remain to partake in...

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