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Trail Times: Alpaca puns, olive trees, and experiences for life

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Diggin' it...You are the olive farmer!

What better time to celebrate olives than during the 16th annual Olive Festival Weekend? There is limited space in two planting tours at The Groves on 41 on May 5, 2019!

Guests will experience olive farming first hand and receive a certificate with their tree's coordinates so they can return to visit the tree year-over-year. Each tour is about 30-45 minutes and of course, the memories will last a lifetime.  Learn more about it...

More Workshops? Alpaca my Bags!

Mark your calendars, and get your tix! Join us at Giving Tree Family Farm once again on June 2, 2019, this time for the Alpaca Farm Experience. Attendees will learn about alpaca behavior, curiosity, and their incredible fiber. Guests will also make cool crafts to bring home and enjoy a tasty rustic lunch on the Farm.

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