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It's Harvest-time here in Paso...

I went for a walk this morning to find our area a buzz with tractors pulling big bins filled to the brim with beautiful grapes from the vineyards; Walnut & Almond trees will soon be "knocked" for their fruit.  This is THE time...the time that all the fruits of one's labor all year, and results for what Mother Nature delivered, are harvested, picked & gathered, to then be taken to market.  For many of the farmers, this IS payday!  For others, it is the next step towards creating quality products that end consumers will enjoy in days, weeks, months and years to come; for THEN it will be their payday!

We are so fortunate that we have so many wonderful crops & commodities grown here locally for us all to savor & enjoy!

Many thanks to all of you who bring us these sustainable pleasures; wishing you all a bountiful harvest season!




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