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Our Passion for Agriculture

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We all share a facet of passion for Agriculture. Whether you are a high tech engineer, yoga instructor, construction tradesman or public servant, you have a passion for Agriculture that aligns with those who grow your food and produce your everyday necessities. Whether you grow it, make it, cook it, use it, or eat it, WE ALL NEED Agriculture!

You may have heard it before, "if you eat food and wear clothes, then you are in agriculture".

As I walked through the Lavender Festival and Templeton Farmers Market I could feel the energy as though I were entering into something exciting about to happen. What was all the buzz about? FRESH LOCALLY GROWN & locally produced goodness! The farmers, producers and craftsmen themselves are sharing their passion about what they are personally growing and making with those of us who are hungry for good, clean, honest local products. And sampling - Wow! I tasted some amazing new flavors of Paso Almonds, TheraBee Culinary Honey, Chateau Fresno Organic cheese and Alle Pia salamis that will all now have a place in my collection of favorite things!


             TheraBee Culinary Honey introduces new flavors at the Lavender Festival!

Not a single one of us knows it all, and how great it is that we have such precious resources right here locally and that we can go through our local markets, festivals & farms meeting people that can teach us what we haven’t yet discovered, and at the same time introduce them to our passion and willingness to learn about all the good stuff!    Common Interests = New Friends!

Feed your passion for Agriculture by learning more at these upcoming FARMstead ED experiences:

  • Makin'  Bacon with Chef Jacob                                       July 27th
  • Cannin’ & Jammin’ with the Wine Jam Diva                    August 7th

  • Heirloom Tomato Festival @ Windrose Farm                 September 20-21

  • Plant your “Palate” at Windrose Farm                             October 4th


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