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A big shout out and thank you to LA for sharing this story!  An important clarification we'd like to have you all note that this event, and its participants are here on the Central COAST.   While we also enjoy the fruits of our neighbors labor from the Central VALLEY, we wanted to be sure those of you headed to Earth Day Food & Wine are headed in the right direction!  

Now, on with the story that highlights the awesomeness of this event...

A joyful reminder on food sustainability and our planet, the Earth Day Food & Wine held at California’s Central Coast will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year.   This event located at Castoro Cellars in the city of Templeton will spotlight on high quality, locally grown food & wine and emphasize the importance of being environmentally conscious.  As always, Earth Day Food & Wine provides an unique opportunity for the attendees to directly connect with the local farmers, winemakers, and chefs in a casual and fun environment.  Read more...

Story by LA 

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