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Yuzu Caesar Salad with Snap Peas & Furikake 

Romaine, Arugula, snap peas, cherry tomatoes.All veggies can be found at Talley Farms Fresh Harvest and Nature’s Touch Harvest & Nursery 

Caesar Dressing 
4 egg yolks (Hartley Farms) 
Juice of 3 Meyer lemons 
2T Worcestershire 
6 dried Kelp flakes (Kelpful) 
1T mustard (Colony Culture)1/2c 
Yuzu EVOO (Tiber Canyon Ranch) 
1T Furikaki (Kelpful) 
1T honey (Sierra Honey Farm) 
3 garlic cloves 

Blend egg yolks, pinch of salt to denature yolks, cream together – blend in garlic, add all remaining ingredients except EVOO. Blend until smooth. Slowly add EVOO.
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