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Broccoli w/ Candied Bacon Honey Sauce 

Boil water – salt – cut broccoli into large florets – drop in boiling water for 3 min until it becomes bright green. Drop immediately into ice water to shock & cool. 

Candied Bacon Sauce
1lb bacon (Vicarious Ranch) 
4T local Honey (Sierra Honey Farm) 
2T olive oil (Kiler Ridge Olive Farm) 

Chop bacon into small 1/4inch pieces. Heat sauté pan and add 2T olive oil. Add bacon and render on medium heat stirring consistently.  Cook until bacon is crispy and strain off all the fat leaving bacon in the pan. Turn heat up to high and add honey mixing into the bacon. Cook for about 1 min until honey starts to bubble and foam up coating all the bacon - take bacon out of a pan so not to burn. Set aside until ready to serve
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