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Join the FARMstead Ed Collaborative!

  As we close out our third year of fruitful FARMstead ED classes and events, we reflect back on our successes, as well as our opportunities for continued progress. For three years we have been celebrating our locally grown and made, alongside FARMsteading skills and practices that make you who you are. It’s via these educational experiences, events and gatherings at pop-up classrooms held at your farms, ranches and Ag related venues that bring folks to learn more about so many unique and local resources.

In 2016 we introduced our Partners to loads of new cross promoting & marketing opportunities both inside and outside our region, attracting new customers  via:

  • FARMstead ED classes (8)
  • High profile events such as Earth Day & Heirloom Tomato Festival
  • Artisan Marketplaces (3)
  • Table to Farm Dinners (2)
  • FAM / Media Tours (3)
  • FARMstead ED newsletters & eBlasts (21)
  • countless Media | Press | Blogger articles, Social Media & Radio spots 

In addition to all good things listed above, we added the following new events to our line-up:

  • Central Coast Cheese & Dairy Tour
  • Taste of the Grove
  • Pop-up Paso
  • Holiday on the Farm 

AND, we received recognition via the Community Partnership Award from the Travel Paso Robles Alliance (TPRA) for our efforts in promoting Paso via agri-tourism events in 2016, AND 2017!

What new ideas will be planted in 2017, in addition to the above, you ask?

  • Our partnership with TPRA this year will include more Pop-Up Paso's thanks to all of those who participated, our prototype / pilot PUP in Orange Co last fall was a success & impressed, so we will take the show back on the road again this year.  Stay tuned for locations & opportunities!
  • We are VERY excited to share that we have a Farm Trail in the making! Our goal is to open the gates on the trail this Fall. Watch for more into on how you can become a stop on the SLO Co Farm Trail!

    We hear you!  Being a small specialized grower, producer and purveyor requires you wear many hats and keeps you busy & focused 24/7. Let us continue to promote you and your hard working efforts within this special collection of quality producers. It takes a village, and we couldn’t do it without each other’s support. This is where the opportunity for all our continued success comes in…

    So that FARMstead ED may continue to celebrate you all to the fullest potential, and cover the expenses it takes to do so, we will move forward into this New Year inviting you to join us in the FARMsteadED Collaborative.

    Invitational membership benefits include:

    • Hosting / Leading at least one (1) FARMstead ED class / experience at your venue, and/or we will partner you up with a farm, ranch or production facility that will further the cross-promotion of your products.
    • Access to FARMstead ED membership directory & class participant contact info.
    • Invitation to at least one (1) FAM Media Tour
    • Media coverage on FARMstead ED events & gatherings, community and organization calendars.
    • Quarterly spotlight on your business via FARMstead ED newsletter, social media and press releases
    • Logo and web link on our Partner page
    • Your product featured in our Celebrate Summer and Holiday events & promotions
    • Display opportunities in the FARMstead ED booth at all events we participate in; including space for collateral and display of product.

      We hope your curiosity, and interest, is peaked, and you will contact us at to learn how you can become a member of the FARMstead ED Collaborative!